Tom Storms

Full Stack Web Developer

In a nut-shell

  • I studied and played classical guitar in my young years.
  • Studied acting, physical theatre, and stage production.
  • Studied and work in an internship with IBM Australia.
  • Freelanced as a web developer and later joined Orange Digital.


Here are answers to questions you may have…

How much do you charge?

No issue is ever the same, so the amount of time it would take to fix a problem may vary depending on the complexity.

What’s your availability?

I do most of my freelance work on the weekends.

Where are you based?

In Brisbane (Australia) and work with clients remotely around the world.

How can I contact you?

Use the contact form to get in touch.
We’ve built a flexible work schedule to allow us to travel and get things done. Because of this nature, we use email as the primary way to communicate with clients. It also helps keep a trail of our conversations and gives me a to-do list to work through.

Do you outsource work?

We have tried it a few times in the past but wasn’t happy with the results. We enjoy working through problems ourselves and being accountable for the work we deliver to you.

What is a “full stack web developer”?

The growth and complexity of the internet and how we use websites have changed and developers have gotten more specialised. The three main categories are:
– Front End Development: the visual and interactive parts of the website
– Back End Development: the “under the hood” logic, database and infrastructure of the website

Full Stack Development refers to a hybrid of both front and back end development. It’s a developer that has all the keys to the house – there is no door that they can’t open.

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