Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

The biggest plus for using shared web hosting is that it’s cheap. But beware! If you are looking for optimal performance, 99.99+% uptime, or require special server configurations for your website to run, you may want to consider using dedicated web hosting.

What does shared web hosting mean?

When you buy shared web hosting from a hosting provider, you are buying allocated resources on a larger web server to host your website. Depending on the provider, a single web server could host tens, hundreds or even thousands of different websites, not just your own.

Your website will fight for server resources like CPU processing power and memory. Your account will also be restricted and will be forced to respect your allocated bandwidth, disk space, number of databases, number of FTP accounts, email accounts and more. Going over these limits may have your website temporarily blocked.

Being able to share resources of a single server is the reason why this type of website hosting so attractive. But it does come with limitations and disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of using shared hosting?

The biggest issue with shared hosting is security.  Shared servers are usually prone to hacking attacks. An infected server from malicious code could potentially infect the entire network of websites hosting on the server.

If you are constantly experiencing downtime or server issues with your web hosting, it’s likely that another website that is hosted on the same server as yours, is consuming system resources. This could be processing power, memory or overwhelming the server with too many requests for it to handle. In this case you may need to raise a support ticket with your hosting provider to investigate.

Shared hosting accounts are often restricted in terms of what you can install. Most hosting providers will support popular platforms like setting up WordPress, Drupal, Magneto, Prestashop, phpBB and more.

Technically some ports may also be blocked by your hosting provider. You may need to request special access or may need to switch to dedicated web hosting so that you can full control of your server.

The benefits of shared web hosting:

Besides being cheap, the administration and maintenance of a server is taken care of by the hosting provider. This means you don’t need to do anything technical (providing you have a good hosting company that has a regular maintenance plan). These servers often have round the clock supervision, maintenance and technical support that gives you up-time reliability almost comparable to dedicated plans.

You are often given access to cPanel – which is the standard dashboard for Linux shared web hosting. This is a user-friendly interface that makes administration and website management easy. You often can setup your email accounts, FTP accounts, sub domains and more by yourself.

Who we recommend for shared web hosting:

We recommend customers who look for shared web hosting to use Panthur. They’re an established Australian company and have great customer service and live chat during the week. We find live chat especially useful to be able to chat with a support staff straight away, rather than having to raise a support ticket and wait hours for a reply.

They offer a range of hosting plans to suit any website.

Another benefit is, if you’re interested in changing providers, they are quite comfortable migrating the website for you for free. Their team of experts have over 12 years experience in development and hosting platforms allowing them to easily transfer any site that’s compatible with their hosting products. They’ll transfer all website files, email addresses, databases, and more…

Looking for a cheaper plan?

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