Why WordPress should be your first choice!

We get asked a lot about websites and CMS platforms, while we’re writers, it certainly comes with the territory. So when people ask, “what’s your favourite CMS and why?” the first thing that comes to mind is WordPress.

WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) and it’s no surprise why it takes the top spot. Here’s a few reasons:

It’s great for beginners, with the option to grow into the paid version where you can get your own domain (web address)

Meaning you can add all sorts of wonderful widgets and tolls (aka plugins) to your site that are developed by others some of which are free and others for a minimal fee. Since it’s open source, this means new plugins are added all the time to help keep your website updated. When you install Plugins, it will add extra functionality to your WordPress website. There are around 41000+ plugins available at WordPress repository. These include pricing tables, contact us forms and email marketing plugins, to name a few.

 Of all the platforms, we find WordPress the one to give me most easy, user-friendly experience. It’s very straightforward – add a page, add a post, add content – as a pro blogger it’s pretty much copy +paste with a few added meta tags (digi-lingo) and descriptions to optimise your blog.

This means with WordPress you can create any site you wish! With a wide range of themes and plugins increase its functionality to a great extent. So, you can create any kind of website using WordPress from eCommerce Websites to even Membership-only Websites.Pretty much any form of websites are possible, like…

Now without going into the nitty-gritty about SEO (Otherwise this blog post may end up becoming several pages long) Google and all search engines show and rank websites in search results on the basis of various predefined parameters.The more parameters you fulfill, the better your website ranks in search results and WordPress takes all the SEO responsibilities that a CMS is supposed to fulfill. Plus, there are several SEO plugins available to help improve search engine visibility of your WP website.

It’s possible to customise colors, design, and even features of a WordPress theme. You don’t need to be a developer. Customising your website through coding isn’t mandatory.

There’s a big crowd of users and developers readily available to support you. You can also search for your query to get a previously answered question. Post your questions too at any time, and you’ll get a 100% valid solution.

WordPress has high-security standards.

Like any great blog, this makes your blog more valuable with rich media (which I’ll talk about in another post). You can easily insert images, video, audio in a blog post. Users can insert any media files into their content within a single click,  users mostly engage with images, videos or audios in web pages. It’s not only easy to upload these files but you can also edit them easily.

So, these are the many reasons we absolutely LOVE WordPress and recommend it to all our clients. Got a question about WordPress? Shoot us a message anytime.