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In a nut-shell

  • I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends.
  • I love travelling and travel often to The Philippines visiting family.
  • I love reading and writing stories you can’t forget. I love anything by Jostein Gaarder and am also currently writing my own memoir, ‘Storms before the Calm’
  • I write for all industries. Let me write so you can focus on your business.


Here are answers to questions you may have…

How much do I need to be involved?

You can be involved as much or as least as you want, although I would appreciate if I had as much back info (existing marketing materials, PR releases etc.) to ensure your blogs have the same voice as your existing business’s voice in other media. I would like to meet in person once a month to review blog performance and adjust strategy from our mutual findings,

What’s your availability?

available as a copywriter pretty much every day, suiting the blog schedules that I come up with each individual client. I cap off at 8 clients so I can give my best to my clients.

Where are you based?

Like my husband, I am based in Brisbane and can travel anywhere near Brisbane Central for meetings. For times where we may feel we need to meet but I am not nearby, we can always talk via Zoom (Video Communications) and also will always have e-mail communication as our main point of contact. We are trying to make the ‘Island Meets City’ vision a reality, with a truly international business where we can work from anywhere and the people we work with are anywhere too as long as we both have an internet connection!

Do you outsource work?

Currently, I am the sole writer. However, previously I have outsourced parts of work out but always make sure I am the final editor and that the work fits a client’s brief. As I mentioned, only parts have been outsourced, so final work still has my own touch “signature” on it. At the end of the day, I am accountable for all blog copywriting.

Do you do any copywriting that is not blogging?

I am mainly an SEO ghost blogger but have been known to write the random ‘about us’ and ‘services’ pages, however, I haven’t put rates up yet as they tend to vary with some being shorter jobs and others more complex.

What is the main goal of writing blogs?

I am definitely of the belief that content is king! So, first, create FRESH content to your site, and since I am specialising in SEO, I want to create ENGAGING, INTERESTING and INFORMATIONAL content that will RANK ON YOUR SEARCH ENGINES. What makes my content stand out other than it’s AWESOME, with the help of my husband we optimise each blog to certainly stand out from other blogs.

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