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We write all our content with SEO in mind and is backed by data driven analysis.

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Camille's writing has been consistently outstanding and her blogging skills in particular have been exemplary. Camille is adept in researching, content creation, blog publishing, and blog SEO across platforms like HubSpot and WordPress. Camille's strength in collaboration is admirable and she is also great at taking initiative and working independently, delivering nothing but the highest calibre content. I can’t recommend her copywriting skills highly enough
— Mat Lewis
Executive/Creative Director of Margin Media
I was a complete novice in relation to blog posts and Camille was a life saver. She completely took over everything in relation to the blog posts. I had no idea what subjects to write about, Camille came up with ideas for blog posts every fortnight, she wrote them all and attached photos from my website. I would definitely recommend Camille to anyone looking for an experienced and professional blogger.
— Alison Gleadhill
Camille was always timely with sourcing interesting content and writing blogs that were relevant to our businesses in Australia and the Philippines that enhanced our market profile with both clients and candidates. Using Camille was helpful in terms of ensuring it got produced on a regular basis and was not stop start in its output. If you commit to a blog it needs to be done all the time and Camille certainly helped us to achieve that goal. It was helpful having Camille and her writing skills.
— Geoff Curran
Curran + Associates Pty Ltd
The blog's Camille have written for my business have been of a very high standard, they are well researched and relevant to the industry I'm in. I will definitely continue to use her services as it has been a great compliment to my business.
— Anish Prasad
Finance Specialist/Owner of iLend Finance Solutions

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We've put together some common content writing information below based on our experience, research and conversations with industry colleagues.

How much does copywriting cost?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a copywriter setting a price for their output. Generally, the more experienced and specialised copywriters are, the more they can charge.

Copywriters can also adjust their quotes based on the type of client and the amount of work expected in a project.

If a potential client looks like they’ll be more demanding, need more hand-holding, or just be less pleasant to deal with, your copywriter may include a PITA (pain in the ass) fee.

How much does an Australian copywriter charge?

Here is some data of what copywriters in Australia are charging for copywriting:

LevelYears experienceHourly rate (AU$)Day rate (AU$)
Junior0-2 years$70-$100/hour$300-$400/day
Mid2-4 years$100-$130/hour$400-$700/day
Senior4+ years$130-$240/hour$700-$1200/day

* Data by Clever Copywriting School. Prices exclude GST.

How much do outsourced copywriters charge?

You can easily find some copywriters overseas.

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