About Us

Learn about the history of Island Meets City

Behind the name

Island Meets City was initially a travel blog of Camille and Tom, a married Aussie couple who shared the journey travelling frequently between Australia and the Philippines (and a few other countries in between).

We sought out opportunities to work remotely and grew our digital nomad life and built a business around it. We leverage our locations and often meet clients in Australia and perform the work from our office in the Philippines. On reflection, the name Island Meets City resonated with us.

“Island” represents our lifestyle dreams.
“City” represents the hustle and bustle of the daily grind to help support our lifestyle dreams.

For us, it is the merging of the two worlds, where the island life, meets the city life.
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The team you’ll work with.

Tom Storms

Full Stack Web Developer

Our Traits

  • You’ll work with a single contact and get a timely response.
  • We aim to always deliver, to meet every deadline and to communicate proactively.
  • We are transparent with our findings and honest in our feedback.
  • We limit our guess-work and make analytic-based decisions based on data captured by users of your website and what competitors in your niche are doing.
  • We encourage building a partnership: you know your business, we know the online world. Let us handle your business’s online pain.

We only wish the best for you and your business.