Let’s answer some frequently asked questions

General FAQs

How We Work

Not every project is the same, that’s why it’s vital for us that we collect the most important information. Our process outlined below is a guide to how we achieve this and ensures your end result matches your requirements.

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What currency is our pricing?

As Australian ourselves, we will keep all pricing in Australian dollars (AUD) and does not include GST.

For information on pricing, see our Services page.

Who do I work with?

Your single point of contact is Camille.

She’s in charge of coordinating your request with our team to make sure we get you what you need.

Do you outsource work?

If you mean, “do you outsource work to random company separate from Island Meets City”, then the answer is no. All work is usually handled personally by Camille.

When it gets a bit much, Camille may off-load work to an internal team of trusted and reliable writers, whom we’ve worked with in the past. If this is the case, when we get back from these resources, we make sure it is the same quality we would produce ourselves. We thoroughly check over it and make sure it’s all good.

Who owns the content?

We understand the need to fit a brand or on an image that a business or website which has a certain style for which they’d wish for me to adhere to. As a ghost blogger, all content will be written exclusively for you and therefore you own the content*. With a balance of creativity and professionalism, I can create articles and blog posts that match the tone and attitude of your brand. When you hire me, you get clear blogs that are meticulously researched content with a tone tailored to your unique audience.
If you’d like me to write under my penname you can hire me as a regular contributor or a guest writer to your blog. All content would be credited to me*.
** Ownership is subject to terms and conditions outlined in the proposal and/or agreement.

How much should I be involved in the blogs each week?

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FAQs about Blogging

Looking for specific answers for about blogging?

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