3 Blog Posts Local Brisbane Gyms Could Write

Holy Week has just ended and most of us, probably overindulged over the long weekend. Potential new members are waiting to hear about their local Brisbane gym. While they’re making the joining decision, help them make their decision with some helpful blog posts, at the same time reminding them you’re the best in your area! In this post, I share 3 blog posts local Brisbane gyms could write.

From the get go, I’d not only acknowledge but highlight the fact, that your business isn’t a big gym chain, that’s what makes you unique! I once went to a local gym on the Sunshine Coast, and I loved it because of the community vibe it had! The personalised service…get to know the team that was invested in helping you reach your goals…These are things that you can talk about in this blog.

There are hundreds of posts all over the internet that show different gym routines, leg day, arm day, etc. But as a gym owner, you’ve probably seen newbie mistakes all the time. What would you tell someone who is just getting into the gym? You could share tips that stop people from burning out (even on their visit – we all know that person who joined the gym for 6 months and only went once). This post could also share tips for starting slowly and excises that beginners should try first and slowly work at building up endurance and strength before trying more high-intensity workouts.

This post could be a more in-depth with the description of group fitness classes your gym offers. You could list the different classes and then note under each who should join them and why. What could be gained from a weekly Zumba class? Or perhaps a weekly cycling class? What experience level do attendees need to have to join the class? Share existing member stories and their transformations to encourage more sign-ups to your group fitness classes.

I hope these 3 ideas have helped you get you on the pathway to more blog ideas. Need help thinking of a content strategy for your business? Contact me and let’s get blogging!