Benefits of hiring a local blogger

In a sea of freelancers, I can see the attraction of outsourcing a freelancer from overseas, the price, of course, being the biggest drawcard. But is it really that much cheaper?

An outsourced blogger may get your blogs to you on time and within the word limit, but will they truly understand your topic preference? Will they be able to convey your business’s passion for what you do? How much back and forwards needs to happen for them to grasp your concept?

In this post, I share with you a few of the benefits of hiring a local blogger.

A local blogger, like myself, not only has a native speaker’s grasp on the English language but also knows the difference in local colloquialisms and things only a local person would get. In other words, where slang gets lost in translation, I can write with your voice as someone who is local to your business, local to your audience, in short, I’m a local.

But it’s not just about interpreting slang correctly, it’s knowing when to be formal and when you can be informal, it’s about speaking the language between the lines. I’ll be listening to your audience even when you think they’re silent.

Being a blogger isn’t just about writing a great article, it’s about research, it’s about listening to what’s on-trend and what people are talking about. Conversations online are happening all the time, whether they’re talking about your business specifically or about your industry, these are the conversations I pay attention to, always making sure we talk about things that are organic and authentic for your business.

And finally, being local means I’m in the same timezone as you! Need changes to the copy? Last-minute sale going up tomorrow? I can say up to date in real-time with you.

At the same time, I have an international perspective too, so even if I’m local I also get the bigger picture and can adjust language that is for other global markets.

I can be as collaborative as you need or I can take over for you so you don’t have to worry about the blog at all.