What you can expect from a blogging…

What is it that makes you jump out of bed in the morning?

I’m not talking about your loved ones and what not (because of course they get you out of bed, especially if your 3 year old has anything to say about it…)

I’m talking about the thing that makes your excited, a passion for something you love doing, the thrill of the challenge that only you can pull off…what is it?

Is it closing a business deal that everyone said couldn’t be done?

Is it that thrill you get when a client gets back to you with feedback that your service helped whipped them into shape?


Whatever it is, I want you to channel it into your blog. Whether you’re writing it or I am, the special ingredient to a wonderful blog is passion. I want you readers to feel the passion jump off their screens as they read your blogs.

That being said, there are certainly differing ideas of how working with me can help, so in this blog, I wanted to talk about blogging expectations.

What you shouldn’t come into our blogging relationship thinking…

So, what can you expect from our blogging relationship?