Welcome to the blogoshpere

In this post, I take you for a walk through the blogosphere:

“I absolutely love that dress! Just a sec, I’ll tag you on facebook

“Where’d you find it? It looks a bit complicated to wear”

pinterestsuggested it for my fashion board, and if you click on the image it goes to a blog about how to wear the dress”

“Go check your twitter , the boutique just tweeted they’re having a 50% sale this weekend!”

Getting a bit lost on the conversation here? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered, but wait there’s more to this story here.

At the same time Alice, the owner of said boutique, Le Cherie and has just started blogging, after she uploaded a short advert video on youtube it went viral.

Friends linked her to online forums that were spreading the word about her video on 20sb (her target demographics for her clothing line are in their 20s).

She realised that having a blog would help to keep online visitors to her website interested, informed and even entertained.

Her friends and previous business colleagues in a forum online called flyingsolorecommended she could try:

blogger joomla wixto make her website in, but she ended up choosing  wordpress(a great content management site that let’s you have a lot of control over your content and how it’s presented) to host her blog.

Meanwhile, Stacy who is looking for a job finds a post about Le Cherie in a google plusgroup. She’s interested given her background in the retail fashion industry so she applies to the email given.

Alice receives Stacy’s resume but is curious to learn more. Via linkedin she’s able to see more about Stacy’s background and networks. She decides to call in Stacy for an interview.

In this story you can see there’s been a ton of opportunities for both the business and the consumer. It all starts with a conversation and that’s what I’m here to help you be a part of it.

The blogosphere needn’t be a scary place, admittedly at times it can be overwhelming, and with so many social networks and trends out there it’s hard to know which networks are worth your time and if blogging is something you want to engage in.

Start simple, one network at a time, you have a story and you want to share it, thanks to the internet you can share that story to many people, and reach people that might not know it yet, but want and need your product and service. One of the benefits of blogging is you become a thought leader – you can be a leader in your field by continually sharing insight on things that matter most to your target market. Not sure what your target market wants to read about? I’m sure together we can come up with a ton of valuable ideas to fill up your blog.

As a ghost blogger I can help you learn about this huge blogosphere and market your content effectively, it’s not about quantity but quality and consistency. Every step of the way, you will learn along with me even while I am the one writing for you, with your personal touch you will see the kind of content we can generate together and see how blogs, that matter, are made. ebc