Blogs people want to read by Mt Tambourine Bed & Breakfasts and Getaway Retreats

Whether you have the week off or a few days here and there, the allure of Mt Tambourine and the peace & serenity it offers makes it the first place I would think of to go.

But with all the travel sites out there, with the bottom dollar being the huge persuading factor when it comes to choice I can’t help but feel that I may be missing out on some hidden gems. Places that have more to offer but haven’t conveyed on their website or online presence. Being a blog copywriter, you can imagine my mind is bursting with ideas! In this post, I share 3 ideas for blogs people want to read by Mt Tambourine Bed & Breakfasts and Getaway Retreats :

Unique Mt Tambourine Bed & Breakfasts

First things first, there are certainly a ton of research lovers who love to research a place before making their purchase decision. I’d start by writing about what makes your bed & breakfast or getaway retreat unique to the others.We’re not going to talk about the number of rooms and the menu, although we may touch on this, but we’ll focus on some unique experiences to be had or have been had by previous guests.So you offer a breakfast basket, is this delivered to guests’ doors at a certain time for those that seek privacy and lazy days in bed or is it a full service breakfast brought into your room so you can experience the Mt Tambourine hospitality?Does your lodging offer massages? Are they in-room or at a special room?

This blog post would be a walk through tour of sorts, of what it’d be like to be a guest at your establishment.


We’re nearly halfway through the year, whether your religious or not, this could be a great blog post about how a retreat is just what you need to reset and get introspective. In this blog, we could share ideas on questions that families, couples or even individuals could ask to help them to re-collect the past year and what’s to come. A¬†guided retreat so to speak with activities that they could do while at your Mt Tambourine bed & breakfast or getaway retreat.

The Benefits of a Getaway

Like I mentioned before many people are searching for that dream getaway, but don’t have the time to go flying off to another country and why should they when they’ve got beautiful Mt Tambourine right at their footsteps? This post would target the keywords and people that are looking for a getaway nearby and show them why a trip to Mt Tambourine might just be the place to go. Mental and physical rejuvenation; reconnecting to your partner; or just a change of scenery.

Certainly, you get my drift and can think of more ideas of what readers might want to learn about your establishment . I can help you too refine these ideas and put it down in words that reflect your tone and business’s voice so you can concentrate on your core business. Feel me to contact me anytime: [email protected]

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