5 things a Brisbane Therapist/Counsellor could blog about

No one’s perfect and it’s becoming more accepted to say “Hey, I’m not okay”, there’s nothing wrong with talking to someone when life can get, at times, for lack of a more all-encompassing word – overwhelming.

I believe everyone can find value in talking to someone from time to time, to sort through your mind and vent without feeling judged or afraid to say out loud how you really feel. A Therapist’s blog, like with any vocation that one can be passionate about, is full of topics that one could blog about. This way you’ll be able to combine writing with doing therapy. You get an opportunity to share all the knowledge that you have access to as a therapist.

Creating a morning ritual

With life zooming passed us, some days can feel too fast and we need to find rituals that help keep us grounded and remind us to slow down. This blog could outline tips such as meditation, breathing exercises and mantras to help set the tone of your day and mentally prepare you to take on any obstacle.

Make a Therapist Mental Health Apps Picks List

Today’s modern world makes motivating and supporting your mental health that much easier! Share your top app picks that help your client’s with coping and improving their mental health such as Superbetter.

Workplace Bullying/ Dealing with Workplace Anxiety/ etc.

Tackle some big issues and common reasons why many might come to you for counselling. Share helpful tips to deal with these issues and your contact details for when they need your personal help.

Relationship Counselling

Tips on how to help couples stop the fighting and reconnect; re-ignite the spark in their relationships.


Therapy is about helping people reconnect with their own knowledge about themselves. Furthermore, it assists them by re-assessing their perspective about the wider world and their own lives. Present a story where the reader can put themselves in the role of the protagonist and ask questions for them to respond in their own minds. Allow the reader to make their own opinion on the story and bring in their own perspectives.

As a therapist/counsellor there’s a lot I’m sure you can talk about. If you need help with creating your content strategy or writing your blogs, please feel free to contact us anytime.