Content Writing with Semanic Keyword Research

Content writing today is more than just writing an article and including keywords and synonyms. Search engines are getting smarter and an important factor is its ability to understand the context in with keywords are used.

If we use a keyword like ‘awful’, the word originally meant ‘full of awe’, but now it could mean ‘frightful’ or ‘very bad’. So how can a search engine distinguish that? Also in figures of speech, how do they know not to take words literally like “Raining cats and dogs” does not mean cats and dogs are falling from clouds.

Search engine algorithms go beyond basic keywords and synonyms and are moving into semantic search optimisation (the meaning or interpretation of the keyword being searched).

You need to know how to create content that attracts links, builds page authority, and ultimately rises in the search rankings by using semantic-themed keyword research. Having a read of this article will help you with Semantic Keyword Research.