What could Financial Planning Brisbane Specialists write about?

As a financial planner, number crunching is your domain, you take your client’s current financial situation and foresee what’s to come – and you can also guide them to make changes so that they can reach the financial goals they want quicker, if at all. Am I close? Well, truth is, I believe a financial planner does this but they also do so much more. Do your clients know this too?  In this post, I share with you 3 ideas for what financial planning Brisbane specialists could write about:

  1. Tax Time – Tax time might start in July but your clients can already start getting prepared for tax season and save money (not to mention, time) as well! As their go-to financial planner, share some tips on how they can do their best this tax time.
  2. What are your goals? A big part of planning is knowing where it is your clients want to go. In this post, you could provide a few outlines as to attainable goals but also more long-term goals and show some brief pathways to getting there.
  3. The down low on mortgages – as a financial planner you can also be seen as a financial advisor, help educate your readers with the basics to mortgages and how this fits in with financial planning.

While you might have an idea on what you could write about, how do you make it relate-able? Easy to read? Interesting? Let’s talk and I can adapt your voice while writing blogs that capture your reader’s interest and educate them too.