Ghost Blogging 101

I do have a FAQs section on my website which you can find at the bottom of each webpage or you can click here but here are a few of the more basic FAQs ghost blogging 101:

What’s a ghost blogger?
I blog, only my name isn’t assigned to the post.

Does this make it any less real?
Working together with clients, I love to learn about who they really are. I’ve learned that writing isn’t for everyone, but their business? It’s theirs.

So what do you do? 
As a writer I help share the passion and drive that these amazing people (from all kinds of industries) have. From transport logistics to plus size shapewear, name it and I’ve probably written something of the kind.

How do you know about these things?
Well, I don’t. They do. Research helps too. But at the end of the day it’s passion and sharing something of value that counts.

What’s the secret to writing a blog?
It isn’t as hard as you think, it’s taking the time to share what you know and love (albeit in bite size bits) and when you don’t have that much time/knowledge in blogging/don’t see yourself as writer but still know how important a blog can be to your business? Well, that’s why I’m a ghost blogger – here to help businesses show their most authentic self.