How much should I be involved in the blogs each week?

Depending on the nature of different blog post types, a few require some collaboration.

Some posts may require your unique wisdom or opinions in a niche topic – it makes your posts more authentic and valuable.

Each week, I’ll ask you some questions about the topic you’d like me to write for that week and you can answer as brief or elaborate as you’d like. You could share with me keywords you’d like me to target as your copywriter, blog ideas and headlines, content outlines and research, or absolutely nothing at all, it’s completely up to you.

Clients are encouraged to send any press releases, latest news updates, upcoming event details or any general information and relevant articles they have as a basis for me to have a further knowledge and understand of their business. These materials can also be used to be rewritten into suitable blog formats and/or add value to future blogs.

Alternatively and/or in addition to this, I will also come up with relevant blog ideas and trending content, and provide my own supporting research for various topics that can be blogged about. As a ghost blogger I will make sure that the blogs offer a good a mix of news, research, promotions and any other integral information to make the SEO blogs engaging for both loyal customers and new website visitors.

In my blogging rates I have included proofreading by an external resource and two rounds of revisions. After the first draft of each post, I can submit it to you and depending on how much involvement you’d like you can also edit or add anything to the final post. We can do this through emailing docs back and forth with each other and/or using collaborative programs such as Google Docs and Team Viewer.

In regards to publishing posts to your blog site directly, I can publish it as a draft for you to view first before it goes live and request any final revisions, or I can publish it directly live to your site.

Every client is different, and our arrangements can be flexible. Some clients like to be hands-on with content and editing, while others like to let me, as a Ghost Blogger, take the reins.