Is Ghost Blogging ‘ethical’?

I was browsing through some posts on LinkedIn yesterday, and came across a post about whether ghost writing was ethical. Two thoughts sprung to mind, one was ‘well I don’t know about ghost writing books or novels but ghost blogging…’ and the second thought was, let’s unpack this, what does ‘ethical’ really mean to you? 

Google Define

Inputting, the term ‘ethical’ with the word define into Google, it’s a synonym for ‘moral’. So again, I then inputted, define moral and got this:

“concerned with or derived from the code of behaviour that is considered right or acceptable in a particular society.”

An ethical ghost blogger

So, from this definition, I ask a few further questions, to see whether what I do is ‘moral’.

Is what I do considered acceptable in our Aussie society? Sure. It’s not only acceptable but sounds like a cool job to have.

Are they the ideas I write about a true reflection of the business owners/leaders? Definitely! Every blog goes through an approval process, all my clients get a chance to read the blog and make any changes before it’s published and shared.

Can my clients do what I do? No. This could be because they don’t want to be sitting behind a computer for hours on end, thinking of something to say and not sure if what they’re doing is ‘right’ but they have ideas for a blog, they just don’t know how to execute them successfully. They’d rather be doing what it is they’re supposed to be doing – working in their business. Doing what they do best. Whether it be managing their restaurants or cutting hair. They don’t have time to write a blog even though they know businesses do gain a lot of exposure from having one.

But no one knows your business better than you right? You are absolutely correct, that’s why working with me is a collaboration.

When you’re ghost blogging is it ethical? You share as much as you want about your business and industry, pass it over to me and I come back with a more clear and concise version we can use for that particular week’s blog post. You know your business and I know how to blog about it. When I write for you, you own the content, they are your ideas, it’s your content!

Let’s do this!

Let me I step in, as a ghost blogger, I love writing, this isn’t just a hobby of mine, it’s a passion. I help businesses get their ideas out there by writing for them there is nothing unethical about it. It’s like saying working with an accountant is unethical because you’re not the one working your numbers. But do you have the time? You may have the know but not the howlet’s collaborate so we can produce the know how together, email [email protected] to see how we could work together.