So you’ve written a blog post (a fantastic one at that), you’ve shared it on your Facebook business page and perhaps on your Twitter and LinkedIn too, but can you share it anywhere else? In this quick post, I share with you other places you can share your blog.

  • Facebook Groups – join relevant groups to your business E.g if your business specialises in fitness for mums, join groups for mums and health. Remember, some groups only let members share their blog on certain days, so be mindful of group rules.
  • LinkedIn Groups – like with Facebook groups, join a group that’s in your industry and field of knowledge. Add in your two cents onto a topic and widen your business exposure.Again, make sure to abide by group rules.
  • Industry Forums – join industry forums, like Facebook and LinkedIn groups, some forums might not allow you to post blogs but you can put your site’s blog in your signature so that once you’ve established yourself as a go-to person, they will also click on your blog to learn more about what it is you business does. One example is Flying Solo.
  • Pinterest – create pins with an image link to your blog/website and make sure it’s also easy for others to share your content to with a Pinterest pin it button for images.
  • Triberr – you can sign up with LinkedIn. It’s a platform to manage groups called Tribes. A tribe is a group of people, typically bloggers, who write about the same topics. For example, if I like to blog about travel, I would look for a tribe that consists of other travel bloggers.
  • BizSugar – It’s a social sharing, bookmarking and networking site for small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. It gives you a place to share your blog posts, videos, articles, podcasts and other content. You also get to view and vote on submissions by other Members.
  • Stumble Upon – This site works as a sort of random discovery tool. Add your blog posts to specific categories (such as Finance, Health etc) so that users can “Stumble Upon” your content when they are browsing for that category. You can sign up with your existing Facebook and Gmail account.
  • – Read this blog post to explain what is.
  • Email your list – For those who have signed up to your weekly or monthly newsletter (if you have one) blogs are great content to share with them.

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