The Power of Blogging

This was written by Camille, your Australian quality assurance editor and writer. She’s passionate about blogging and in this piece how her past experiences certainly prove  that ‘the power of blogging’ is real.

I figured something out yesterday. It sounded too simple to be such a powerful idea. After watching Adam Leipzig speak on YouTube through his TED talk (you can watch the video  here) I knew that I wasn’t looking at ‘what I do’ in the bigger picture. My job is ghost blogging but ‘what I do’ is so much more than that. So I’ve decided to change my ‘elevator speech’.


When someone asks me what do you do? I will tell them this: I create blogs to inspire. If you’re a passionate owner and business that wants to make a positive difference, I write meaningful copy to move your audience and show them the possibilities of how your services and products can help transform their lives.

It might sound grandiose but it’s my true message from the heart. For example, I, personally have written for a company who provides lingerie for plus size women. The business’s mission is to help women embrace their curves and feel their most confident. Each week we blog together about topics that truly mean something to women who hadn’t previously felt beautiful.  This company provides quality plus size shapewear and bras that not only look good but feel good, and I love blogging for them because their products make such a difference in a woman’s life.


I’ve always loved being around people. Listening to their inspiring stories was always something I looked forward to whenever I was out and about with my mother, at the shops or at a dinner party. Then as soon as I was back in the comfort of my home, I would write about them. Even as a little girl you could find diaries upon diaries that talked about the amazing people I had met and what I wanted to do when I was older. I wanted to help make the world a better place. A bit of a tall order for anyone let alone an eight year old. But I never forgot that passion to write and that want to listen to inspiring people and share it with others who the message could help.

Personal Journey

Then a few years ago I got into blogging. It was the ultimate tool for expressing myself and like an extension hand that I could hold out to help others however near or far. It started with Island Meets City when it was a blog I was 21, and like any 20-something year old, I was a bit lost. I talked about my experiences with life and health while trying to remain as positive as I could (considering the circumstances) and then something amazing happened – in what I thought of the small little corner in the web – I had my first email from a woman I had touched, and within a few weeks I was receiving emails from people all over the world with autoimmune conditions just like me. Then  Autoimmunee  was born. Blogging provided me a way to be introspective but at the same time reconnect with everyone else,  the whole ‘you are not alone’ or ‘the bigger picture’ as some may call it. After a few years of personal blogging, Island Meets City has now become a blogging entity of its own, helping other businesses blogging too.

Moving Forward

As we move into a more ­­interconnected world, where social media and blogging is a big thing. We are relating to others in what feels like a closer vicinity. Some people might see it as making us more lazy in communication, which in some ways is true depending on how you’re using it.

But the way I see it, it is a powerful tool to share your message in a way that can be as genuine as a conversation in person. If you truly believe in your product and services, and that it can help transform someone’s life – there is no artifice in writing and sharing about it. We are all ‘working’ for monetary value, but what we also work for is purpose value. We have a purpose through our occupations, whether it be as a direct impact from doing what you love, or by having that job provides you with the means to do what you truly love in your personal time. And that is why we ghost blog here at Island Meets City!

Who do you write for?

At Island Meets City, we write for businesses so they can focus on their core business – and follow their true purpose in life. To help them do the things in their lives that make them excited, invigorated and feel most productive.

If you don’t feel you have the time to write a blog. Or you don’t like writing, as ghost bloggers we can help you. Be a part of that conversation your potential customers are having right now. Regardless of whether you want to participate or not it’s happening! Can you imagine the value it would be if you were a part of it? What it be like to have a direct link to the thoughts and behaviours of your target audience. Who might need or want your products and/or services. I can, and from personal experience it’s insurmountable.

Where does SEO come into it? The Power of Blogging

The main objective of any search engine is to deliver users to relevant content that corresponds with their searches. With that in mind, your best bet for bringing up your search ranking is to load up your site with as much valuable, applicable content as possible – the more detailed, the better. One of the hottest trends in content-related SEO is the creation of a company blog that covers news, trends and issues in your company’s market and relevant to your company’s products. If you have the time and material to generate regular blog posts on issues relevant to your business, by all means do it. But if you don’t that where we step in. Blogs do very well in search engines because they’re content-heavy, refreshed often, and keyword-rich. Our SEO content team can not only write interesting and engaging content. But also we can optimise content for you, researching the best and most suitable keywords; consider internal & external linking; and, evaluate overall the SEO-worthiness of each blog post.