The Power to Move

I came across a video on Facebook this morning and it struck a cord with me. Sure, I can see it’s hook, pull the heart strings, make you feel. But does it have the power to move?

There are a ton of “fluff” pieces all over the internet, but why should it be fluff? Being good, being kind isn’t a given, it’s a choice. A part of our behaviour; our personality that isn’t looked at so closely. We’re taught to be the smartest, the fastest, the stronger but to be the kindest? The most thoughtful? These traits equate to strength and courage to me. People need to hear more stories like these, to make more stories like these, and then be pointed to that next action – move.

I’m sure you’ve seen videos or read stories like these? How many times have you felt that twinge deep down yet not done anything after? It surely got to you, you may have even shed a tear but then gone about your day. But like this video was aptly captioned “I thought humanity’s gone for good” – this video truly was a testament to humanity restored!

There are hundreds of stories waiting to be told, has your product or service helped someone? Let me help you tell your story and inspire people to move. It’s not just about buying into your product or service, but genuinely sharing your passion and helping others while making your business work. The stories don’t have to be like this vid but rather inspired by the idea that what you do actually positively impacts lives.

Anyone who says they can’t be both satisfied in the same thought – money and altruism – is either very ignorant or naive. The world we live in operates in monetary value – you, like anyone else, needs money to get food on the table and shelter over your head, but that’s not to say that there’s never any genuine motivation behind what you do. They say when people follow their passions, the money follows. You don’t need to do things for free, you do your service or make your product well and it’s fair to say that you should be paid for it. Do what you love well and the people who need what you do most should have no hesitation to pay what’s rightfully the value of your time and effort.

Here are a couple of examples how my copywriting helped business owners share their passion and helped others:

You could call me naive too, to wanting to see the best in people, but it’s there, it’s a choice and I will continue to practice and believe in the goodness of others and the power of what they do to affect even more people.

I know, I may have opened up bigger discussions here, whether you agree or not, it’s got you thinking and that’s all I ever wanted. How can you make your mark on others lives? I dare you to make a move!