What can we blog about?

Blogging is so fun! But it can be a little overwhelming or sometimes even underwhelming at times.

As a professional blog copywriter aka ghost blogger based here in Queensland, Australia, I’ve been through it all.

Starting out with my own personal blogs I used to think, ‘Am I even interesting enough?’ or ‘Is anyone going to read this?’ 

Your blog can be used for updating everyone with the latest news, info, promos, deals, articles, stories, events, and basically anything relevant to your business that you want people to hear about.

Anyone who wants to have a blog whether for personal use or for business purposes can get get readers and people interested in their blogs – they just have to be clear on who their target audience is and position themselves so that those people can find them!

Positioning isn’t just about where you share blogs, it’s also about the kinds of blog posts you’re producing. Other than the medium – written, video or audio blogs – but what are you going to share?

Clients have asked me, but what can we blog about? My answer – pretty much anything and everything that adds value to your business and your clients. Starting out with me as your ghost blogger means getting creative! There are so many different types of blog post formats that we can use. We can mix it up from week to week to suit different topics and keep your audience engaged and informed.

I’ve made an infographic to demonstrate just a few examples of the different types of blog posts we can employ but remember the options are endless!

I can help you find out which types of blog posts are right for your business, what to blog about and basically assist you with all your blog writing needs – keeping your site content fresh and up-to-date to attract your existing clients back to your site and new ones too.

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