Our common question: Who do you ghost blog for?

I get the question ‘who do you ghost blog for?’ quite frequently and to answer this, I explain that I’m primarily a ghost blogger, so I don’t broadcast who am I writing for and most of my current clients wouldn’t wish me to do that either. Which of course is fine since those who hire me own the content and are credited to the blogs. However, any clients happy to share select samples or excerpts of blog posts I’ve written for them will be shared in the future on this site as part of my portfolio. Samples will be uploaded as image files, clearly marked as samples, not for re-use or re-sale, so it will not penalise your site by Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for duplicate content.

For now, I’ll let you know the kind of people I write for. I blog for people and businesses that have a passion for what they do and want to share it! Those who want to make real connections with their clients and help others through their services and products. I’ve blogged for all sorts of industries – from roofing companies to HR specialists. I don’t know their industries, my clients do and together we write awesome blog posts!

I like to blog for those who have positive energy and are truly inspiring – all of the people I’ve ghost blogged for have amazing stories! Some are great writers, some are more comfortable doing what they do. Either way, I aim to provide a service to help busy people get their message out wholesomely and effectively.

I became a ghost blogger to help those who might not have enough time to blog, or don’t know where to start. Those who recognize the value of blogging but need a little help getting those blogs out there. I’m not going to tell you that you have to get a blog just for the sake of having one. I’m so happy when I can help someone get into effective blogging and reap the myriad of benefits that come both professionally and personally from doing so. I can start people off with a voice to blog as their ghost blogger for them to take over later. Or I can work with people over a long term arrangement, where they send me their ideas each week and I’ll work with what they’re able to provide so that it’s true to what they want to share. I offer ghost blogging services to help clients so they can focus on their core business.