WordPress Care Plans

Keeping your WordPress website safe.

Why is it important to keep your WordPress website up to date?

Once you’ve launched your WordPress website, you either move onto marketing the brand/business (now that the website live), or go back to working on your business. Often times, we forget about the site and over time it leaves your website open for hacks, security breaches and/or vulnerabilities, if WordPress is not kept up to date.

It’s important to keep WordPress up to date for:

  • Security – prevent vulnerabilities to WordPress, plugins and themes
  • Avoiding bugs and crashes
  • Speed – code improvements in updates help with site performance
  • New Features – to improve User Experience on your website
  • Compatibility – to assure that your website could be opened from any device and any browser at any time

Our WordPress Care Plans, ensure that from now on, you do not have to worry about all of the things mentioned above since our professional team will care of this for you!

Think of a care plan like an insurance plan for your website.

Want to chat with our developer?

Schedule an appointment with Tom Storms, who has over 15 years experience in website programming and has worked with several small/medium businesses.

Basics Plan


on a 12 month plan
OR $50/mth

Start with the basics and get your website secured and up to date fast!

Essential Plan


OR $158/MTH

Basic Plan + reporting on your website performance with recommendations to drive more traffic.

Full Support Plan


OR $717/MTH

24/7 support of your website with continuous improvements to stay on top of your competition.

Plan Features

FeatureBasic PlanEssential PlanFull Support Plan
24/7 Virus and Security Scanning
Alert us for any viruses/hacking attempts
Included Included Included
WordPress Core updates
Keep WordPress update to date.
Weekly Weekly Daily
Plugin and Theme updates
Keep your plugins and themes up to date.
Weekly Weekly Daily
WordPress Database Optimisation
Reduce any unwanted bloat in your database.
Weekly Weekly Daily
Off-site Website backups
In case you need to recover your website.
Weekly Daily
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Checking that your visits can see your website.
Included Included
Broken Link Checking and resolving
Ensure all your links are going where they should.
Weekly Daily
SEO Rank Tracking
Monitor your website rankings against competitors.
Weekly Weekly
Website Performance Checks
Alerts us when your website is underperforming.
Weekly Email Delivery Checks
Check that your forms are being sent correctly.
Google Analytics Summary
Basic analysis of your website SEO
Image Optimisation
Reduce image sizes on your website.
Monthly consultation calls/visits
Chat about opportunities for your website
1hr call/visit
Support time
Labour hours to fix bugs on the site
1hr/mth 5hr/mth
Discount Development Rate
Discount if you run out of support time
5% off 10% off 15% off
on a 12 month plan
or $50/mth
on a 12 month plan
or $158/mth
on a 12 month plan
or $717/mth


Will my website be compatible?

We perform maintenance on WordPress websites. Depending on the state of your WordPress website, we may quote a once-off Website Audit & Setup Fee. Under this quote, we’ll create a test environment and get your update to the latest version. We do this separately to make sure it doesn’t break any existing functionality/look of your website.

If you website is not on WordPress, please contact us so we can assess your website.

What is the difference in pricing plans?

Our prices are shown at our cheapest rate.

This is usually spread over an annual (12) month plan. If you take an annual plan, we also give you 2 months free! Annual plans are charged annually and upfront.

We also offer monthly plans which you can cancel at any time with no long-term contract.

Our standard terms and conditions apply.

What does “Support time” mean?

Any WordPress core/theme/plugin update(s) could potentially cause functionality/displays issues with your website. We offer to resolve these issues in the “Support time” of your plan choice. This is an allocated amount of hours to fix any bugs that result from those updates or fix any functionality issues.

If hours exceed what is allocated for the month, an additional quote may be required at the “Discounted Development Rate”.

Activity under the “Support time” hours include: performing maintenance tasks; comms; troubleshooting; resolving minor issues caused by an update; providing general technical advice.

All hours do not carry over into the following months.

Will you renewal my plugin/theme license?

Plugin and/or themes license renewals are not included as part fo the support plan. But we can help facilitate and install a license and on-charge the product license to your account.

How do I start a plan?

Contact us with with your WordPress website URL. We’d like to take a look to make sure we can maintain your website. If not, we may perform a Website Audit first before we can jump into performing ongoing maintenance.

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