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Keeping your WordPress website safe.

Why is it important to keep your WordPress website up to date?

Once you’ve launched your WordPress website, most of the time the team behind the project either moves onto marketing the brand/business (now that the website is live), or moves onto a completely new business. This neglect often leaves your WordPress website open hacks, security breaches and/or vulnerabilities, if WordPress is not kept up to date.

It’s important to keep WordPress up to date for:

  • Security – prevent vulnerabilities to WordPress, plugins and themes
  • New Features – don’t miss out on the latest features
  • Speed – code improvements in updates help with site performance
  • Bug fixes
  • Compatibility – server changes or WordPress core changes may break functionality

Our WordPress Care Plans, ensure that you don’t need to worry about keeping your website up to date.

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Tom Storms


With over 15 years programming experience, I’ll make sure your website is running at it’s optimal.


Will my WordPress website be compatible?

Depending on old out-of-date your WordPress website is, it may require some testing to ensure any updates don’t break and functionality your website may have.

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