What’s your niche?

This was written by our Lead Copywriter, Camille Butler-Storms

I attended a workshop yesterday about Facebook, and was asked what is my niche as a ghost blogger. I had recently decided I wanted to niche in HR and recruitment. Why? Topics in HR & Recruitment give me a lot to sink my teeth into and I love writing for those clients in that space because they really love what they do and believe in their services. An easy partnership right? But then there are other businesses I also have a great blog partnership with and they aren’t in that space. Should I really just niche in one industry?

Purposeful Business Blogs

Enter my new ‘niche’ – I write for purposeful businesses. Businesses with passionate owners, managers and workers. They have a story to tell and I’m certainly the one to help tell it. I write for people in business who not only love and believe in what they do, but can talk my ear off with their services and/or products! Those are the people and businesses I want to work with. While a large part of my clients work in HR & Recruitment, I am open to those in other industries. As long as they have a true brand that they live by.

In copywriting, my niche is blogging

You can find writers to write your website copy – your about us; service pages etc. , and although I’ve done that too, my niche, my specialty is blogging. There are three parts to blogging I love – 1) research, 2) writing and 3) publishing. I could also add promotion or sharing of the blogs as another process to  blogging, but for the actual blog itself, I would say those 3 parts make up the creation of a blog.

Who are you?

These are businesses where storytelling comes second nature. Where having a weekly blog is a no-thought decision. They usually already have a blog in place but don’t have the time to keep it up as they’re busy living their brand! Doing core business processes aka concentrating on the main day-to-day business at hand. Let me blog for you, so you don’t have to. Let’s collaborate and get your ideas out there! There’s a whole world out thee waiting to hear what you’ve got to say, let me help you get your message out there through your blog. Keep your website fresh with new content at least weekly, and let your search rank go up organically with the things you want to say ranking for keywords real people are searching for.

Know who you are

Usually, at the beginning of a client-blog relationship, I send a questionnaire to help me get a better feel for what it is your business is. I love writing for businesses who truly know who they are. From there we can figure out the voice and tone for your blogs and go from there.

What’s your niche?

While I’m talking about my niche, what’s yours? Are you a passionate business owner or leader? The more talkative, full of ideas kind of person you are, the better! I love it! Think we could work together? Contact me at [email protected] and let’s do this!