What’s it like writing for someone else?

Enter Ghost Bloggers

There are hundreds of blogs out there – from roof companies to refrigerated vehicles. There are numerous case studies as to why blogs on a company website are so beneficial. But what do you write about? After writing for several weeks on a topic, some marketers and copywriters might run out steam, sometimes it takes an outsider to take a fresh take on your blog and that’s where we can help.

Whether you need help coming up with ideas for your blog or just plain, old getting someone to write them for you – as ghost bloggers, we absolutely thrive on the challenge of a once stale blog. Many clients ask us “what’s it like writing for someone else?” and we  will tell you what we always tell them “we’re storytellers”.

The Storytellers

We like to see the beauty in even the most seemingly boring topic and bring life to it, we can see it from the customer’s perspective. For example, if someone wants to buy a humidifier – what can we write about that make this more than about just buying one? What’s the story? How can it make sleeping easier? Why? We tackle every topic like an investigator or reporter of sorts – we want to ask the usual Who, What, Whens, Wheres and Whys but also go deeper – How, Which and also ask our customers – will they join us on this journey?


Writing for another industry takes research (which we love doing) but it also takes an almost layman’s knowledge to look at the topic as a whole, without bias and see your target market and topics in a whole other light. So are you ready? Do you want a researcher and storyteller on your team? Writing for personal blogs it’s great to have a very personable tone, but we know some industries that we write for are more formal and we easily pick up the tone that they want to have. Our ghost blogging is a combination of you, our writers and I, your Australian quality assurance editor. Contact us today and let’s see how we can work together.