WooCommerce Troubleshooting

Let us help you investigate and resolve your WooCommerce website problem.

Why is my WooCommerce website having problems?

There could be many reasons why your WooCommerce website might fail. It could be conflicts with your theme, plugins, widgets, and/or external scripts that is needed for your website to work. In some cases the server that the website is hosted on could also cause issues.

How much will it cost to investigate and fix?

We tailor our projects to your business, this means that not every project is quoted the same. We would usually quote for 1-hour investigation. If the problem can’t be resolved in the 1 hour, then we’d assess and quote for further investigation.

Common WooCommerce Issues

Here are some common WooCommerce issues that may occur on your website. These are generally fixable.

Out of Date Plugins and Themes

Keeping your WordPress themes, plugins, and core up to date is not only beneficial for your site’s security and overall performance. But, it’s important for your WooCommerce functionality as well.If your theme and plugins are out of date this leaves you open to security vulnerabilities, plus it can cause conflicts to occur since the codebase isn’t up to date with the core version of WordPress. Put simply, make sure all of your plugins and themes are always running the most up to date version.

Plugin and Theme Conflicts

Theme and plugin conflicts are one of the biggest causes of most WordPress site issues, and this includes sites that run WooCommerce too.The more plugins you have running the higher the chances of a theme or plugin conflict arising.Try to disable all your plugins and change theme to see if this solve your issue

Product Image Sizes Are Wrong

Having images that look good and display properly is absolutely crucial to running a successful online store. Still, image issues do arise.If your images are looking a little wonky, are blurry, or seem stretched, then you probably have an issue with your image sizing.

You Have the Wrong Hosting Configuration

Sometimes the issues you’re experiencing with your WooCommerce store could be due to your hosting configuration. If you’ve done the theme and plugin check in the steps above and are still experiencing an issue, then check with your host.There are a myriad of issues that can arise from a host not optimising your hosting environment for WooCommerce.


If you are engaging an outside contractor ask yourself one question. Would I trust this person with the keys to my office? If the answer is no then don’t give them the login to your website. It is a risk to the security of your business. Use contractors who are referred by a trusted source or even better, use a local bricks and mortar business.

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